Superpark 15 Video Showdown-Round one #6

June 29, 2011

In the first round, battle number 6 is underway between YKWII/Ride and Trip Brown, the winner of which will take on Quiksilver, who recently eliminated the House in round one voting…

The YKW offering is great, aside from a horrible soundtrack selection. Forest Bailey is always killing it, and we find it amusing that Joe Mango is always wearing orange pants.

Tim Humphreys

Trip Brown’s offering, for lack of a better term, tripped us out. Whether it was the film quality, the soundtrack selection, or the fact that they weren’t afraid to throw in some slams, it felt like we were watching one of the old Whiskey films, maybe Sexual Chocolate. The riding is amazing and no doubt nothing like the Sexual Chocolate days, but it had an old school vibe to it. Pretty cool.

This will be an interesting battle. Click the link at the bottom to cast your votes.



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