Superpark 15 Video Showdown – Round 1 Final Heat – Volcom vs Sentury

July 6, 2011

Down to the last heat of the first round. Volcom is stacked up against Sentury in the Superpark 15 Video Crew Showdown.

We posted on the previous 7 battles, so for the purpose of consistency, here you have the videos for the last heat. That said, neither of these entries are going to be a contender for the title, but still contain some great hits and are worth checking out.

The Volcom entry will no doubt proceed, and contains some great riding. You can tell that it’s a Volcom video right from the start, with a Garden and Subjekt Haakonsen-esque feel to it. Check out 2:10 for Aaron Robinson throwing down one of the nicest alley-oop Japans I’ve ever seen, and 2:40 for the video footage of Scott Blum’s hand plant that we reported on earlier.

With all due respect to the sport of snowboarding, and to Shawn Farmer, what is with the trend of ‘pass the mic’ these days? I truly respect Mr. Farmer as a snowboarder and as a pioneer of the sport, and had posters of him on my wall as a kid, but surely the boys at Volcom could find a better tune for a soundtrack. I’m quite good at woodworking, our Action Recon editor is an amazing guitarist, Zdeno Chara just won a Stanley Cup—do you want to hear any of us sing? I thought not. The assumption that being a pro snowboarder entitles free reign on the microphone is crazy. Check out Trouble Andrew’s latest video for further proof. Trevor should stick to his Mctwists that made him famous.

The Sentury entry at first was funny, appearing that the crew truly ditched the event altogether to ride powder, which was awesome. It proceeded to actually showcase a Superpark edit, including annoying Warren Miller –like narration and riding that is fun to watch but not up to par. Didn’t know you could get into Superpark for straight airs. And once again, with so much amazing music out there, time should be taken to search for a better soundtrack.

Round one is done.

Volcom Entry

Sentury Entry

Voting ends this Friday at 8pm EST.

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