Superpark 15 Video Showdown – Round 1 #7 Arbor vs. Mystery District

July 3, 2011

The video crew battle continues and round one is almost wrapped up. In heat #7, Arbor Snowboards goes up against Mystery District. Both of these entries are amazing, and this round could certainly go either way, so be sure to vote on this one.

The first entry contains the most amount of footage of Scott Vine that we have seen thus far. Plenty of great hits from the Superpark 15 MVP, including a huge gap to front lip on the top of the wall, and plenty of one-footed madness, even a one-footed 720. This video certainly shows why Vine is well-deserved of the MVP title.

Scott Vine – One-footed front board

The entry from Mystery District is equally as impressive, with some amazing hip footage from numerous angles. The entry may be a bit on the longer side, coming in at over 7 minutes. Maybe it’s just me, but if more than one song is required to fill the space (unless you’re using Dragon Force), then some cuts should be made. There is a mid-section to this entry containing hits that certainly could have been omitted. Nonetheless, all of the riding is amazing, and it’s worth watching in its entirety, especially to 6:10 to see Chelone Miller sending himself into oblivion off the front side hip.

Scott Vine – Sending it into the sun

Check out both entries below, and follow the link at the bottom to cast your vote.
Arbor Snowboards

Mystery District

Voting ends Tuesday July 5th at 8pm EST.
Cast your votes here

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