June 20, 2011

The Superpark Film Crew Showdown is now underway. Now is your chance to have your say on which snowboard film crew should take the $5,000 top prize.
In an online voting battle, Think Thank and Nuulife Cinemas were staged head to head in the first round of this year’s Superpark 15 video challenge, courtesy of Snowboarder magazine.

Have a look at both entries here:
Super Park Showdown Entries Link

While the voting on this first round is done, we are happy to announce that Nuulife cinema came out on top. They will go head-to-head against Sam Tuor in the second round. The first round battles continue, with 6 more round 1 votes to go. Don’t forget to hit up our face book page with your thoughts.

There may be a small amount of Canadian bias here, but Action Recon sided heavily with Nuulife in the first round. Both Nuulife and Think Thank have the depth of talent and creativity to go head to head, but in this case, from a video entry perspective, it was an uneven match.

The Canuck boys at Nuulife have such a solid contender here, and while Think Thank is awesome, their entry video just couldn’t take down their counterparts from north of the border.

The next round features Bataleon vs Wildcard. Voting on this round ends tomorrow at 8pm EST.

Filming with Nuulife, here is some footage from the man Adam Chuntz, from 6s and 7s, holding it down north of the border.

Adam Chuntz from “Sixes and Sevens” from NuuLife Cinema on Vimeo.

On the flipside, the Think Thank crew is no doubt getting eliminated from these playoffs when they shouldn’t. Their video submission was shorter, grainier, and just not on the same level. Having said that, this is one of the most creative, progressive, and exciting film crews out there right now, and one of my personal faves. Scott Stevens, enough said. This is an older vid, but the one that got me fully stoked on this crew, and a true display of creativity and originality in snowboarding. These guys have every capability to win this…maybe next year.
Either way, every film offering from this crew will no doubt be mind-blowing and more importantly, inspiring. This is the type of clip that just wants us all to get out there and ride, no matter what the conditions. Making the most of schoolyard terrain, I will never tire of this clip. Proving to all that there is shred fun to be had on ANY terrain. Thank you, Scott.

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