Superpark 15 Round 1 #4: Keep the Change Vs Sandbox

June 23, 2011

Superpark 15 Film Crew Battle Round 1 #4: Keep the Change Vs Sandbox:

In a close race from round 1 #3, Wildcard came out on top over Bataleon. Who will they face next? Check out the contenders below, and have your say via the link at the bottom.

In round 1 #4, Keep the Change is stacked up against Sandbox.
This will be an interesting round. Keep the Change’s video entry has more footage and way more riders, while the entry from Sandbox is short and to the point.

Here at Action Recon, our money is on Sandbox, hands down.

There is no doubt that the level of riding, number of bangers, number of top pros in the Keep the Change video is the biggest we’ve seen thus far. Rolling in at over 8 minutes, one has to wonder if some cuts should be made. 8 minutes is long, but 8 minutes with a comatose-inducing soundtrack and bouncy filming gets really long. Sometimes less is more. Investing in a tripod or a roller track would certainly help.

On the Sandbox side, it’s pretty short; it doesn’t have Peter Line, or nearly as many big name pros. What it does have is a is a collection of some of the most progressive riders in the country, and a vibe and a feel that makes you want to get out and ride, which is always the most crucial element. Unlike the unstable filming and zooming from their competitor, the filming from Sandbox is dead smooth, and note that a lot of it is follow cam footage on skis.

Decide for yourself. Check out the entries below:

Keep the Change Video Entry:

Sandbox Video Entry:

Voting ends Saturday June 25th at 8:00pm EST.
Click here to place your votes.
Super Park Showdown – Keep the Change vs Sandbox

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