Round 1-Battle 3: Superpark Showdown Bataleon vs. Wildcard

June 20, 2011

The Superpark 15 Video Crew Showdown continues this week, with Bataleon going up against Wildcard.
Time is tight on this one, as voting closes Tuesday June 21st at 8pm EST. So for this round we will keep the discussion short. We at Action Recon are holding our cards close (no pun intended-well, maybe). But we do have our choices and predictions made.
Have a look at the entries below, and then head on over to the Superpark site via the link at the bottom to cast your vote.

Scotty Vine

Top highlights from each include Wiley Tesseo’s japan right off the start in Bataleon’s offering, along with Gulli Gudmundsson’s back 270 of the monster hip. From the Wildcard clip, standouts include Scott Blum’s handplant on the wall, Ben Bilocq’s air to fakie on the hip, and an interlude with Pat McCarthy. Pmac is a powerhouse.

Scott Blum

Have a look and see for yourself:



Click here to place your votes:
Super Park Showdown – Bataleon vs Wildcard Entries

See below for a view of the current sequence of standings, and the battles to come in the next few weeks. Next up- Sandbox vs. Keep the Change-should be a good one.

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