Jeff Rowley Invited to Mysterious Red Bull Jaws Invitational

November 21, 2012

As always Red Bull is up to something huge. For weeks there has been rumours of the mysterious event and it was only recently that Rowley received his official invitation in Red Bull style. Other known invitees include John John Florence, Shane Dorian, Greg Long and Kala Alexander, however the full list of invitees has not been revealed. From what we can tell Red Bull will be hosting a big wave paddle in only contest in Hawaii and it will be taking place on the infamous Jaws break.

Rowley had the following to say about the invite :

“It’s like I’ve been hand-picked as an astronaut for a mission to another planet and nobody’s sure what’s going to happen, but the whole world is going to be watching. Surfing Jaws is everything to me, and to be recognized as one of the surfers taking big wave surfing to the next level is incredible. Jaws is the biggest, heaviest and most challenging wave in the world to surf – it’s the next frontier, there’s never been an event like this. I’ve never felt more ready and nothing has ever felt more right for me, I can’t wait.”

Invitees are told little about this event, however the competition is not for the weak of heart, mind or body, as there will be no jet ski assist to tow the surfers in. The prize purse for the event is still unknown.

No doubt this event is going to be totally off the hook and will showcase some of the most insane surfing we are going to see all year at Jaws. You can check out Jeff Rowley talking about the invite and the event below.

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