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Adidas Skateboarding, Action Recon

September 24, 2014

Adidas Skateboarding welcome Na-kel Smith, Miles Silvas & Tyshawn Jones

Adidas Skateboarding have welcomed some new talent to the team and celebrated it with a video they recently dropped that showcases the skills of Na-kel Smith, Miles Silvas & Tyshawn Jones. Peep the edit below. Read More...

Human Beings Doing Amazing Shit, Action Recon

September 11, 2014

Human Beings Doing Amazing Shit

This video could very well be what the internet was made for. A vast collection of human beings pushing their limits past the point of no return yielding some pretty amazing results. Peep some human beings doing amazing shit and let this put a smile on your face. Read More...

RIP Jay Adams, Action Recon

August 15, 2014

RIP Jay Adams

It has been reported that legendary skateboarder Jay Adams has passed away due to a heart attack at the age of 53 while on a surfing trip in Mexico. Action Recon would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to a man that helped shape skateboarding and led the charge of the true hardcore […] Read More...

Vincent Luevanos - Where Is It, Action Recon

June 25, 2014

Vincent Luevanos – Where Is It Full Part

Vincent Luevanos brings shit to the next level with his part from “Where Is It”, this kid slays the biggest shit we’ve seen in some time. Check out the Vincent Luevanos – Where Is It section and see massive drops, big stair sets and impressive handrail skills right now. Read More...

Nyjah Huston - Fade To Black, Action Recon

June 24, 2014

Nyjah Huston – Fade To Black OG Edit

A while back Nyjah Huston dropped one of the best skate edits of all time and did so to the sweet sounds of MEtallica’s song “Fade To Black”. In this OG edit that just dropped Nyjah skates to Meek Mill and Rick Ross, which in all honesty is like listening him skate to nails on […] Read More...

RED Redirect, The Berrics, Action Recon

June 19, 2014

The Berrics Presents – RED Redirect (No time for Dreaming)

Red cameras recently hooked up a bunch of skateboard photographers and filters with equipment, told them to take a week to film a section and those edits would be debuted on The Berrics website for a week. Check out one of the edits that came from this project below. Amazing filming, beautiful cinematography and killer […] Read More...

Vitaly - How It All Started, Action Recon

June 19, 2014

Vitaly – How It All Started

Vitaly is a home grown Canadian company that makes mens jewellery and in the last little while they have made some pretty big waves. With an appearance on Dragon Den and rapid growth in the market this company is on the cusp of taking the world stage and we’re pulling for these cats all the […] Read More...

Justin Figueroa, Action Recon

June 11, 2014

Justin Figueroa Triple Kink Crooked Grind

When you make the cover of Thrasher Magazine, like Justin Figueroa did with this triple kink crooked grind, you can bet a lot of work is going into the shot. Below we have the full footage of Justin trying to get this trick dialled and talk about perseverance. For those of you lacking patience he […] Read More...

Shane O'neill - Backyard Of Dreams

May 30, 2014

Shane O’neill – Backyard Of Dreams

Shane O’neill recently finished up work on his skate park and below is the footage of the first session that went down with Shane, Iron Man and Paul Rodriguez. See the homies get down in Shane O’neill – Backyard Of Dreams now. Read More...

The Hundreds, Action Recon

May 27, 2014

HYPEBEAST Spaces: The Hundreds

The Hundreds is rapidly turning into one of the biggest and most influential brands in the industry. While the old guard slowly falls off, its the new breed of brands and creative minds that will be the saving grace in the street wear and action sports world. Guys like Bobby Hundreds and his brand are […] Read More...

Vans x Star Wars, Action Recon

May 08, 2014

Vans x Star Wars Collection Ad

To introduce the official Vans X Star Wars collection the good people at Vans put together a commercial that we’re dubbing the best commercial in the history of skateboarding. The Vans crew went to the Off the Wall Skatepark in Huntington Beach, CA to film a skate contest set in 1980. After legendary skateboarder Christian […] Read More...

Tony Hawk Doubles, Action Recon

May 02, 2014

Tony Hawk Doubles Video Part

You know what happens when you combine Tony Hawk and a whole bunch go pro skaters, throw them in a half pipe and tell them to get to work? God damn magic. That’s what happens. Check out the Tony Hawk Doubles video part below and be humbled. Read More...

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