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Ishod Wair, Action Recon

February 09, 2016

Nike SB – Dunk Low Pro – Ishod Wair

Like you, Ishod Wair sees room for improvement. Lo and behold, the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro IW is both a blast from the past with a tutor from the future. Comfortably cloaked in the familiar heritage of the OG Dunk, but with the refined lines and sharpened enhancements of the imminent next, this is […] Read More...

Nyjah Huston, Action Recon

December 30, 2015

Behind the scenes of Nyjah Huston’s massive backside 5-0 rail in Hawaii

Nyjah Huston recently dropped a behind the scenes look at his massive backside 5-0 grind down a rail while in Hawaii. This 5-0 is so big it actually looks comical, but you’ll see there was nothing funny about this move. Peep the king below. Read More...

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2015, Action Recon

December 14, 2015


Easily one of the best videos we’ve seen this year, packed full with some of the best feats humans have to offer. Check out People Are Awesome 2015 below. Read More...


October 20, 2015

Greyson Fletcher – In Perdition – Full Part

Slash and flow is in his blood, but for his pro debut Greyson takes it double over head into the deepest pits and fastest parks – controlled chaos at it’s finest. This Greyson Fletcher section is absolutely savage and the fact that its set to the sweet sounds of Bolt Thrower is a massive bonus. […] Read More...

People Are Awesome, Action Recon

August 12, 2015


These are always some of the best compilations we come across on the internet. There are some pretty insane feats in this one, so take a look, get stoked and share that shit with your friends. People Are Awesome – Best Of The Month for July 2015. Read More...

Clive Dixon, Action Recon

June 16, 2015

Clive Dixon “The Horror” Full Part

This part has so many heavy moments it’s hard to realize what just happened until the final curtain, when Clive stomps out one of the world’s gnarliest Euro gaps. Skateboarding is to tech and so huge now that its become impossible to predict what will happen next, these cats just push it to the limit […] Read More...

Skateboarding, Action Recon

June 12, 2015

The Lost Documentary on Hip Hop & Skateboarding – Concrete Jungle (2009)

Watch the lost documentary on Hip Hop & Skating directed by Eli Morgan Gesner in 2009. It’s a great documentary that never really got its due process and a really good history lesson for both skateboarding and hip hop in general. Read More...

Chris Haslam, Action Recon

June 09, 2015

The Berrics Presents – Chris Haslam

A thing of beauty, an art form, the utmost tech of the tech, the manual is much more than a trick—it’s a full-on discipline. Requiring a supernatural amount of patience, grace, and precision, manuals can literally break down even the best skateboarders on the planet. But when done right, few things in skateboarding are more […] Read More...

Yura Renov, Action Recon

May 29, 2015

Yura Renov Put’s Russia Skateboarders On The Map

Treacherous Russian terrain is not an issue for Yura Renov, this kid can skate anything and everything thrown at him. Check out his full section from “Dances” and see what its like to follow one of Russia’s best around his mother land for the day. Read More...

New Balance Skateboarding, Action Recon

May 25, 2015

New Balance Skateboarding Presents – Sunland

New Balance Skateboarding just dropped a video part featuring the members of their current skateboard team. The project was filmed entirely in a school yard with the help of drones and the result was a truly unique experience. Check out Arto Saari, Tom Knox, Jordan Taylor, Tyler Surrey, Jordan Trahan, PJ Ladd, Marquise Henry, Jack […] Read More...

Dakota Servold, Action Recon

May 04, 2015

Monday Carnage Presents – Dakota Servold Slam Section

Nothing worthwhile doing is easy and that is never more evident than when you take a look behind the scenes of a skateboard section. Dakota Servold dropped a stellar part in “True Blue Retrospective”, but it came at a price and you can check out that price below. Read More...

Denny Pham, Action Recon

April 28, 2015

Denny Pham “It’s A Phamtastic World” Full Part

Denny Pham composes masterful lines at some of the world’s dreamiest spots, before closing things out on a big boy double set. Denny has all the skills to link together a killer part, check it out below. Read More...

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