Alex Harvill sets new distance record of 425 feet on a dirt bike.

July 23, 2012

Little know 19 year old Alex Harvill set out to break all current distance records on a dirt bike and on May 12th, 2012 he did exactly that when he jumped 425 feet into the record books. The previous record had been held by Robbie Maddison at 392 feet. The cat is now out the bag and the world has a new record and a new contender when it comes to long distance jumping.

“I’ve been racing on and off my whole life, but this really did come out of nowhere,” Harvill said. “It’s been an awfully big secret to be sitting on.”

The first published photo will appear in the September/October issue of the Australian magazine Freerider MX, and footage shot by Jay Schweitzer of Powerband Films and Mike McEntire of Mack Dawg Productions will be featured in their six-years-in-the-making distance jump documentary (code name: “The Daredevil Project”) due out in 2013.

Alex has really turned some heads and put himself in the same league as guys like Maddison and Ryan Capes. He has already hinted at going bigger and apparently has a team working on a secrete bike at the moment that will see him launching over 500 feet. Any more information or footage that comes our way here at Action Recon we will post, until then congratulations to Alex Harvill on a job well done.

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