Superpark 15 Video Battle Round 2 Heat 2: Wildcard vs Keep the Change

July 13, 2011

Sam Tuor has moved ahead to the next round, to face off against the winner of this week’s battle between Wildcard and Keep the Change.

Take a look at the entries below, and you can have your say and vote for your top choice by clicking the link at the bottom.

Action Recon has to side with Wildcard here. The entry is packed with only the best hits from Superpark. Patrick McCarthy has an interlude, and the riding is top quality shredding.
Pmac is one of the toughest, hardest-working, and most humble professional snowboarders out there. He gets our vote, keeping it real and holding it down for Mt. Baker, and sneaking up to BC whenever possible. Here’s a link from his recent travels to Cali.

Pat McCarthy Fish Out of Water

Here are the video entries:



Cast your votes here

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