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Rich Froning, Action Recon

July 31, 2014

Rich Froning – 2014 CrossFit Games Champion

Rich Froning is a monster and having just taken in the 2014 CrossFit games it was pretty amazing to see Mr. Froning come back and win them yet again. All this on the heels of signing one of the biggest athlete endorsement deals that Reebok has ever handed down. Below is a little taste of […] Read More...

CheatingDeath, Action Recon

July 30, 2014

29 incredible photos of people cheating death

These photos are next level and take the whole concept of cheating death to a new level. They’re all visually stunning and only the bravest of hearts would ever partake in the actions that made them possible. Check out the 29 most incredible photos of people cheating death below. Read More...

Samuel L. Jackson, Action Recon

July 30, 2014

Every Samuel L. Jackson “Motherf*cker”…Ever

There are few actors out there that can say the phrase “Mother Fucker” with as much conviction and authenticity as Samuel L. Jackson. Due to the fact he’s been in almost every move ever made the highlight reel of all the times he’s said “Mother Fucker” is a long one, but filled with classics. Check […] Read More...

509 Films, Action Recon

July 29, 2014

509 Films – Volume 9 snowmobile teaser

509 Films, the three-time Sledfilm Festival winner for Best Snowmobile Film is back and better than ever! Volume 9 marks one of the most anticipated films in the history of the snowmobile industry. Featuring 25 of the industry’s top riders, Volume 9 is an epic journey across North America, Canada and even the far reaches […] Read More...

The Gaslight Anthem - Stay Vicious, Action Recon

July 28, 2014

The Gaslight Anthem – Stay Vicious (Audio)

The Gaslight Anthem have been talking a lot about how the new album sounds different from things they have done in the past and this new track “Stay Vicious” seems to be the first real hint at that new sound. The song is unmistakably Gaslight Anthem, but no doubt has a sound to it that […] Read More...

Happy Birthday Danny Nickerson, Action Recon

July 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Danny Nickerson, Action Recon loves you.

Danny Nickerson is 6 year old kid who has been fighting a very rare form of brain cancer like a true to life warrior. Amongst this battle the only thing he wanted for his 6th birthday was a few cards and after his story went viral he got his wish. This came to the attention […] Read More...

Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt, Action Recon

July 24, 2014

Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt (Official Video)

The Gaslight Anthem are gearing up to drop their new album “Get Hurt” on August 12th, 2014 and in anticipation they have just released a new video for the title track. You can check it out the brand new Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt video below and cop the album next month. Read More...

Wes Agee, Action Recon

July 24, 2014

Wes Agee Hits The Hills

Metal Mulisha rider Wes Agee recently spent some time in the hills of California showing us what’s up on a dirt bike. Agee and his good buddy Vinnie Carbone both grabbed the shovels and made the call to kick up some dust and hunt down some natural terrain at Carbone’s local ‘top secret’ spot. We […] Read More...

Red Bull X-FightersMunich, Action Recon

July 22, 2014

Red Bull X-Fighters Munich – First ever FLOATING freestyle motocross course.

Australia’s Josh Sheehan beat Taka Higashino of Japan in an action-packed Red Bull X-Fighters final in Munich on Saturday under brilliant blue skies and sizzling temperatures in front of 18,000 frenzied spectators on a first-of-its-kind freestyle motocross track built on a lake next to Olympic Stadium. The course was one of a kind and made […] Read More...

Black Winter - Torstein Horgmo, Action Recon

July 18, 2014

Black Winter – Torstein Horgmo – Full Part

Torstein Horgmo’s part in Black winter is down right epic. Take a look at his section as he almost gets taken out by an avalanche and links together some of the best park lines we’ve ever seen. Watch Black Winter – Torstein Horgmo below. Read More...

Madchild - White Knuckles, Action Recon

July 16, 2014

Madchild – White Knuckles Official Music Video

Madchild, the man who’s on the eternal 24/7 hustle has just dropped a new video for his latest track “White Knuckles”. The song is a dark and eerie journey through the confines of Madchild’s mind set to an equally sinister musical land scape thanks to Rob The Viking. The track will appear on Madchild’s upcoming […] Read More...

Slaine - Dopehead, Action Recon

July 16, 2014

Slaine – Dopehead ft. Jaysaun (New Song)

Slaine has dropped another new track from his upcoming album “The King Of Everything Else”. The track is called “Dopehead” and features a guest spot from fellow Boston MC Jaysaun. Check out Slaine – Dopehead now and be sure to cop “The King Of Everything Else” when it drops August 19th, 2014. Read More...

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