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La Coka Nostra - The Hardway, Action Recon

March 06, 2015

La Coka Nostra – The Hardway ft. Lawerence Arnell (New Song)

La Coka Nostra has come out of no where and dropped a new track called “The Hardway” ft. Lawerence Arnell. The track is produced by C-Lance acts as the first look into the greatly anticipated new La Coka Nostra album “To Thine OwnSelf Be True”. Check out La Coka Nostra – The Hardway now. Read More...

SICK OF IT ALL - Get Bronx, Action Recon

March 06, 2015


It’s NYHC day here on Action Recon. We have another new track coming at you from Sick Of It All called “Get Bronx”. The song appears on their latest album “Last Act Of Defiance” via Century Media Records and it jams just like any good NYHC band should. Check out the video for SICK OF […] Read More...

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Police Violence, Action Recon

March 06, 2015


Agnostic Front have dropped the first single “Police Violence” from their upcoming album “The American Dream Died” and they’re pulling no punches. The video is a call to arms for American citizens regarding the plague of police violence in the United States. Check out AGNOSTIC FRONT – Police Violence below and be sure to cop […] Read More...

Tina S, Action Recon

March 06, 2015

Dragon Force – Through the Fire and Flames – Tina S Cover

Think your good at playing guitar? Perhaps you are, but Tina S is better and she shreds the fucking shit out of Dragon Forces’s “Through The Fire and Flames. The thing that we found the most interesting is how she seems to rip this cover all the while looking like she’s sitting on the couch […] Read More...

The Red Devil, Action Recon

March 05, 2015

William Strobeck and Supreme Present – The Red Devil

The Red Devil is the new skateboarding film shot by William Strobeck which follows the Supreme skate team and captures them doing what they do best. Check out The Red Devil now. Read More...

Eso - Sunny Days, Action Recon

March 03, 2015

Eso – Sunny Days (New Solo Track)

Eso of famed Australian hip hop group Bliss N Eso has just dropped his first track called “Sunny Days” and we have it below for you to check out. Eso’s first solo single, ‘Sunny Days’, represents the concept of a positive mind state that one can create even when it’s raining in the real world. […] Read More...

Shane O'Neill, Action Recon

March 03, 2015

Shane O’Neill “Shane GOES” Full Section

Shane O’Neill has just dropped a new section called “Shane Goes” and this is going to raise the bar for all other skate parts coming out this year. Check out Shane below and please share. Read More...

UFC, Action Recon

February 28, 2015

Another Staredown Brawl?! UFC LHW Champ Jon “Bones” Jones vs Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

What can we say, this what utter brilliance and hats off to these two guys for having a killer sense of humour. Check out the pre fight UFC action below. Read More...

Strung Out - The Animal and the Machine, Action Recon

February 27, 2015

Strung Out – The Animal and the Machine (New Song)

Strung Out will be dropping their new album “Transmission Alpha Delta” on March 24th, 2015. In the meantime be sure to check out the first single “The Animal and the Machine” below. The fellas have once again blended metal and punk and delivered a sound that few other bands have been able to master. Strung […] Read More...

Yelawolf - Whiskey In A Bottle, Action Recon

February 25, 2015

Yelawolf – Whiskey In A Bottle (Lyric Video)

Yelawolf will be dropping his new album “Love Story” on April 21st, 2015 and he’s gone and made a new track called “Whiskey In A Bottle” available for you all to vibe on. The track seems to continue along the trajectory he’s been on as of late. Yelawolf may be the first cat in history […] Read More...

Momkhana Famous Footwear, Action Recon

February 23, 2015

Momkhana Famous Footwear Presents – Mom and Kids Drifting in a 550 HP Minivan

I’m sure we’ve all wanted to know what it would be like to take a 550 HP engine and drop it into a minivan right? Well, now you can find out below with the new project that Momkhana Famous Footwear has embarked on. Mom and kids will never be late again for anything, peep it […] Read More...

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Police Violence, Action Recon

February 20, 2015

AGNOSTIC FRONT – “The American Dream Died” Trailer 1

Agnostic Front will be dropping their new album “The American Dream Died” on April 7th, 2015 and they have put together a short series to document the making of the album and the history of the band. You can check out the first instalment below and get to know the fellas and find out what […] Read More...

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