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Yacht Surfing, Action Recon

September 15, 2014

Yacht Surfing: The Most Expensive Wave Ever

If you happen to have a nice yacht, a few surf boards and a helicopter you to can spend the day riding an endless wave with your friends. Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, and Erik Ruck got a hold of My Lizzy Too (the giant boat), a bunch of Jet Skis, and of course, […] Read More...

Human Beings Doing Amazing Shit, Action Recon

September 11, 2014

Human Beings Doing Amazing Shit

This video could very well be what the internet was made for. A vast collection of human beings pushing their limits past the point of no return yielding some pretty amazing results. Peep some human beings doing amazing shit and let this put a smile on your face. Read More...

Active Volcano, Action Recon

September 10, 2014

Man Descends Into An Active Volcano

This could be one of the most spectacular videos we’ve ever posted on Action Recon. It’s not everyday you get solid video footage of a decent into the bowels of an active volcano. Sam Cossman and George Kourounis with volcanic pioneers Geoff Mackely and Brad Ambrose become among the first explorers to step foot inside […] Read More...

SSUR FALL 2014 LOOK BOOK, Action Recon

September 10, 2014


As part of an ongoing collaboration with legendary street wear brand SSUR and photography stoopergroup WATCHxWITNESS they’ve recently teamed up to shoot the Fall 2014 look book at Fun City Tatoo. Consisting of NYC hardcore throw back designs, graphics and the ever present NYC fuck you, this time Russ breaks through a little further offering […] Read More...

Baseball game, Action Recon

September 08, 2014

Boy hands souvenir to girl at Baseball game

This kid is a good dude and you should be to. Seems like his parents are doing something right and raising him with a little chivalry and respect for the fairer sex. While at a baseball game over the weekend this little lad not only gave the ball he caught to a little girl behind […] Read More...

Hoff Fest MTB Highlights, Action Recon

September 05, 2014

Hoff Fest MTB Highlights Are Insane

Hoff Fest went off this year, despite weather problems trying to put a damper on the festal. The best riders in the world gathered in the mountains, built some insane jumps and showed everyone what they had. Check out the Hoff Fest MTB highlights now. Read More...

Abdominal Muscles, Action Recon

September 05, 2014

How Well Do You Trust Your Abdominal Muscles?

So how well do you trust your abdominal muscles? Enough to rely on them to support you while hanging out a window 60 feet in the air? As with all things in Russia, even a simple ab work out is taken to the next level. Check out video below and see a few feats of […] Read More...

Madchild - Never Die, Action Recon

September 03, 2014

Madchild – Never Die Official Music Video

Madchild is back with a new song and a new video called “Never Die”. The track will appear on his upcoming EP dropping September 30th, 2014. Take a minute and peep Madchild – Never Die right now. Read More...

Burton Teaser, Action Recon

September 03, 2014

Burton Teaser For Upcoming Web Series

Burton will be dropping a 9 part web series this winter and as usual it will feature constant bangers from some of the best snowboarders in the world. Peep the Burton teaser below and get excited fuckers. Read More...

Adam Raw, Action Recon

September 02, 2014

Adam Raw Presets – Moments Of Power

The road to success is paved with pain, be it mental or physical, that journey will take its toll on the individual and only those who are able to find beauty in that pain will reach their goal. Check out Adam Raw below and see a man that pushes his body and mind to the […] Read More...

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda, Action Recon

August 29, 2014

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Fart Remix)

Considering that Nicki Minaj is the musical equivalent of a fart it seems only fitting that someone made a fat remix of her song “Anaconda”. Be sure to check out the Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Fart Remix) in all its glory below. Read More...

20Funniest Makeovers, Action Recon

August 28, 2014

The 20 Funniest Makeovers On The Internet

People with a sense of humour that also happenen to have a Twitter or Instagram account can be a glorious combination. These are the 20 funniest makeovers we have ever come across. Read More...

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